BZD pillar mounted jib crane for sale

BZD pillar mounted jib crane is a kind of small and medium sized lifting equipment, the complete range is for loads up to 20 tonnes.
BZD pillar mounted jib crane can be operated freely in 3D space, so jib cranes are efficient partners performing their tasks reliably in factory. With their comprehensive product line of jib cranes, it offers flexible and cost efficient material handling solutions for any job in the workplace. Pillar mounted jib cranes can be individually tailored for application, easier lifting, more efficient and safer, widely used in workshop, warehouse, dock and other fixed places.
The Pillar is made of sturdy, hollow steel sections, and cantilever jib arm is made of I-beam or weld steel box, the end connection plate is bolted rapid mounting on the concrete floor, safety anchoring with ribbed pillarbase.
Complete with electrical systems including lockable mains switch and power supply to the CD/MD electric hoist or chain  hoist
* Optional electric slewing gear
* Optional electric hoist travel
* Optional mobile control (standard with wire rope hoists)
free standing jib crane

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