BZD fixed column jib crane technical description

Crane type: BZD fixed column jib crane
Safety load: 125Kg~20 ton
Crane working level: A5
Cantilever extension: 3000mm
Rotation angle: 360 ​​degrees
Lifting height: 2500mm
Lifting speed: 8/2 m/min
Sustained power: rate 40%
1. BZD fixed column jib crane is manufactured according to GB/T3811-2008 and GB6067 standards.
2. The electric hoist adopts HHBB electric chain hoist. The lifting speed can choose fast or slow, and the fast speed is 8m/min, the slow speed is 2 m/min.
3. The fixed column jib crane operation is ground handle operation. The crane power supply is 380 volts 50 Hz, the control power supply is 36 volts, and the lifting chain is a carburized high-strength chain.
4. The brake ring material of fixed column jib crane is composite material, which avoids the starting difficulty due to the resistance of the brake ring and the motor caused by the high working frequency.
5. The good quality electric equipemt ensures the continuity of the crane operation and does not malfunction during operation.
6. When making the chassis, the fixed column jib crane reserves a craft board that can be installed directly on the dried cement foundation.
fixed column jib crane

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