Application range of floor mounted jib crane

The floor mounted jib crane is equipped with a chain electric hoist (or wire rope electric hoist) on one end of the 360° rotary cantilever for lifting the cargo or workpiece, and will use the counterweight for balance role when the jib crane works. The floor mounted jib crane is widely used in the installation of small equipment in factories, mines, workshops, fields and warehouses for loading and unloading of goods and workpieces.
The BZD floor mounted jib crane can be operated to any desired position in any direction, and the electric hoist can walk on the cantilever and lifting the heavy object up and down, is suitable for the occasion where heavy objects need to transfer and rotate. The floor mounted jib crane has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, flexibility, large working space and wide application range.
1. Control mechanism:
The control of running direction is realized by the steering mechanism, by operating the lever integrated with the wheel carrier, the joystick is slowly pulled in the required running direction to change the running direction.
2. Operating mechanism
The running movement of floor mounted jib crane is driven by the single-stage cycloid reducer directly, the running speed is generally 15 m/min.
floor mounted jib crane

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