Advantages of 220V mini electric hoist

The 220V mini electric hoist can be hung on the scaffolding, making it easier and safer for building materials to reach the floor and roof. It is equipped with a hanging key interlocking protection hook for easy installation and safe operation; the new automatic rope winding and direction switching device can extend the safety life of the wire rope to more than 30,000 times. The mini electric hoist is ideal for loading and unloading.
The mini electric hoist is compact in structure, the housing is made of high-strength carbon, powder coated, and the internal dynamic brake design conforms to the BS EN14492-2:2006 standard. It is equipped with upper and lower limit switches and thermal overload on the motor for safety.
Mini electric hoist for 220v voltage, suitable for all loading and lifting work, easy to install, provide the special fixing clips for simple section beam fittings (square section beam), remote remote switch with power input and power supply output facility.
mini electric hoist

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